Lifia Analytics

Lifia makes generating reports quick and intuitive while providing the capability for robust analysis. Support data-based decision making that targets improved clinical and financial outcomes. Accurately tell stories, analyze population health, and get financial and utilization insights.

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Energize your data

Tailored Reports

Create reports tailored to your needs.

Save Data

Reduce data formatting and cleansing efforts.

Blend Data

Blend data from various sources.

Take Control

Export in various formats (PDF, Image, txt, csv, crosstab, etc.).

Powerful Visuals

Display data in powerful ways including maps, graphs, and tables.

Analyze Data

Ability to identify data quality issues with ease.

Solve Problems

Identify issues, trends and problems at the client and community levels.


Visualize and understand geographical impacts on populations you serve.

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Report Builder

Lifia's report builder allows you to create any type of report with a drag and drop functionality. You are in control of what data goes in each column, sort the report and even filter out specific data.

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