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Our Story

Lifia Services are managed by A.J. Boggs & Company, a Michigan Corporation with more than 25 years of experience. A.J. Boggs has worked with 15 U.S. states and territories to improve patients conditions through better systems to support clinical care, case management, provider education, testing, and prevention interventions. We provide clients with hosting support for CAREWare, including secure hosting with effective climate control, back-up power, managed services, assured cybersecurity and compliance with HIPAA and other federal regulations. We also provide assured effective business continuity and disaster recovery services.

A.J. Boggs’ key to success is our ability to provide high quality technical solutions while offering clients breakthrough business insights through a blend of functional and technical expertise.

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What we do

software development

  • .NET Systems
  • Secure eHealth Services
  • Reporting Solutions
  • Enterprise Systems
  • Agile
  • Scrum

managed hosting

  • Enterprise Applications
  • Electronic Health Exchange
  • SIS-Online Hosting
  • CAREWare Hosting
  • Cloud Computing

computer & network security

  • Risk Management
  • Intrusion, Vulnerability, and Penetration Testing
  • Network, Firewall, Router, Intrusion Detection Management
  • Incident Management

Project management

  • Project Management Professionals
  • Knowledge of PMBOK
  • Enterprise Systems Implementation Leadership

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