Take control

Lifia uses the latest technology to improve your healthcare program. Lifia will empower your programs to reach higher, achieve your goals and improve outcomes for underserved communities.

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Program Management


manage your program data and streamline your processes.


Generate reports quick and intuitively for robust analysis.


With Medicaid, eHARS, PBM, ADAP, CAREWare, and (EHR) systems.

Client Support

A team to assist you in managing your program’s needs.


A secure messaging system that automates notifications.

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tailored reports

Create reports tailored to your needs.

Save Data

Reduce data formatting and cleansing efforts.

Blend Data

Blend data from various sources

Take Control

Export in various formats (PDF, Image, txt, csv, crosstab, etc.)

Powerful Visuals

Display data in powerful ways including maps, graphs, and tables.

Analyze Data

You'll be able to identify issues with data quality with ease.

Solve Problems

Identify issues, trends and problems at the client and community levels.


Visualize and understand geographical impacts on populations you serve.

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Lifia Research Network

The Lifia Research Network performs research into new models of healthcare delivery for populations experiencing serious health disparities.

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