Eligibility Engine

What does Lifia do for you?

Lifia helps you manage your program efficiently by reducing application and processing times and facilitating eligibility determination and periodic enrollment renewals. The application includes tools for Staff to track and grant benefits, remind Clients about enrollment deadlines and report program and clients statistics.

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Secure, HIPAA-compliant handling and storage of information


Reduce errors and improve data quality through validation, pre-population and automated services.


Manage benefits information and speed up application and renewal processes

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Lifia allows you to manage your program data and streamline your processes, including data collection, workflows, approvals, interfaces, and reporting.

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Lifia Reporting makes generating reports quick and intuitive while providing the capability for robust analysis. Support data-based decision making that targets improved clinical and financial outcomes. Accurately tell stories, analyze population health, and get financial and utilization insights.

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Lifia can be integrated with other data sources that will improve the overall quality of the program data and improve client services. Interfaces between other health information systems, such as Medicaid, eHARS, PBM, ADAP, CAREWare, and clinical Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems.

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Client Support

Direct Support

We can provide support to offer phone, fax, chat and email interaction with clients.

Program Notifications

We want to make sure you stay up to date and are in the loop with your program.

Follow up Surveys

We are receptive to your thoughts to make our great program even better.


Like to do it yourself? Then we've got your back on helping you be trained.

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The Lifia Portal supports a secure messaging system that automates notifications, offers reminders, and can be customized so text message notifications are discrete and protect confidential information.

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